Android App: how can I copy my otp?

I hope you are doing well.

My question:
How can I copy the otp from my bitwarden app to e. g. a website?
I can’t see the otp in my app, only the authentication key.


The authentication key should only be visible when you’re editing an entry. Have you got a premium subscription?

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Thx for your answer.
Yes for sure, if I edit the entry I can see the key.

I have a premium account.

How can I see my otp in my android app?

Hi Chris - if you are a premium user and you can’t see the TOTP code, open your web vault at to ensure you actually have 2FA setup properly for that login item. It sounds like something didn’t get registered properly, not something related to the android app.

To follow up with the comments above, if you recently purchased premium, you may need to log out and back in to see the premium functionality.

The resolve looked to easy for me, lol

Log out and log in resolved the issue.

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