Android App Cert Issue

Hi all!!
I am running a Docker BW Server on the latest version, updated today.
Server is behind a NGINX reverse proxy and the RP is handling the SSL Cert.
That all worked fine for the last year on macOS, iOS, Android and Windows.

First of Nov. i had to change my SSL cert, since than Android is not syncing and connecting to the BW site. All other devices (macOS,iOS, Windows) connecting and sync without any problem.
Error Message:

Exception message: Trust anchor for certification path not found.

I already searched the forum but all the solutions are for BW server without an RP or no solution.

Anyone out there having clue how to solve this issue.
Thank you all in advanced!

Hi @mutohman, welcome back to Community!

I believe your issue as the same as this thread: Java error message in Android - #2 by sj-bitwarden

Please take a look and feel free to message in either if you need additional assistance!