Android 11 autofill suggestions


I bought a new Samsung S21 Ultra and installed Bitwarden in it, but Autofill suggestions are ridiculous. For example I want to fill Samsung account login details but Bitwarden is suggesting Dominos Pizza credentials. Why?

It depends on what URIs you have in your vault entries and the matching options that are set. Check the URI for Domino’s Pizza - if it’s set to the identifier for an Android app, you may want to change the match detection to “Exact”. Also, when it suggests Domino’s, if you search for the correct Samsung vault entry and select it, it should give you the option to “Autofill and save”. This will update the Samsung vault entry with the correct URI.

But I don’t have any issues on desktop and iOS. It is in Android only. Same goes for Paypal, Amazon and lots of other sites and apps.

Also, it is loading sites very slowly unlike iOS

I run Bitwarden on my S20 and Android 11 and I have not experienced these issues. And coincidentally, I was literally logged in to Amazon, PayPal, and Dominos yesterday and the experience was flawless. I would reinstall and try again - it sounds like something is corrupted on your device.

I don’t think Bitwarden would have any bearing on how quickly sites load.

He may be speaking about the time it takes to open Bitwarden and load the vault. There have been a few recent reports of this, unfortunately - but it seems relatively isolated:

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Ah, OK. It seems to take a few seconds for me.

I checked some of the faulty logins and I see Bitwarden added “androidapp://” “androidapp://” “androidapp://” as URI in addition to normal domain names.

Those URIs are for the apps. The website addresses work for matching on the web but won’t work for matching Android apps as the URIs are different. I have a number of vault entries where I have both the website address and the Android app package name as URIs.