An error has ocurred Failed to Fetch

I have been able to use Bitwarden for a while now, since Lastpass changed their policy. (Lastpass is deleted now) However, every time I have tried to change an old password to a new one on any of my sites, I get the error ’ An error has ocurred Failed to Fetch’ but I ignored that because it was filling in other sites and I was able to log in with no problems.
Today, I decided to try and fix that error, and I followed the instructions on how to do it step by step. Now, I cant even log in to my account on chrome extension (or Firefox). I am able to login to the Bitwarden website as well as on my mobile phone. so it seems logical to assume that its the extension itself.
I dont have any idea on how to continue to try to fix this problem which is now worse since I cant even login to the extension

Some customers reported issues connecting this morning. We’ve addressed the issue and everything should be ready to go now :slight_smile:

Nevermind, it works now! thanks so much

No still cant log in.
Now its saying my username or password is incorrect, which I know it isnt because they are the ones I used about half an hour ago to log in to the bitwarden website itself

It may take a couple of tries since your connection to the prior API instances needs to ‘rotate’ if you will. If you continue to experience the issue, definitely let us know.