American Airlines Android App Login

I’m setting up BW after a LastPass migration, and am stuck on how to solve the login screen on the Android version of the AA app.

As with the web login, there are 3 fields: lastname, username (which is the frequent flyer number) and password.
I’ve read all the posts about custom fields to solve the web login, and this works really well - on the web.

What I’m stuck with is that BW on Android seems to ignore the “Last Name” field. I’ve tried

  • saving a new password entry on Android hoping that the filled fields would all be saved
  • making a ‘lastName’ custom field

In all cases, the three fields come out looking like:

…i.e. the username and password fields work as expected, but the Last Name field is always left blank.

Has anyone else solved this?


Hi and welcome, perhaps this blog post will provide some insight Take off with autofill for travel sites | Bitwarden Blog It covers an American Airlines example

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Thanks - this is actually what got me started on the web part that I mentioned, but unfortunately it doesn’t deal with logging in on the Android app.

Hey @kiwilad thanks for the info, I’m trying to replicate this on my end, and even clicking in the top field to manually autofill doesn’t seem to be allowed. Can you fill out the form in this Github issue for the team to investigate? Autofill isn't working on mobile (generally or for a specific site or app) · Issue #1389 · bitwarden/mobile · GitHub

Might want to reach out to AA as well as the field states’ ‘Contents can not be autofilled’

Thanks @dwbit, done.
Good point on reaching out to AA. Where do you get the “contents cannot be autofilled” from - on the app, or the web page?

When I tried to replicate on Android, the overlay only popped up for the first two fields but when I tapped on the top field there was paste and a 3 dot menu I believe, which allows manual autofill, and that is where the message appeared.

I think I did see that earlier, but now I can’t get it to appear (nothing happens when I hit “Autofill” in the […] > Autofill option.
Will see what comes from the report, and if necessary I can still try to get AA to pay attention, but that part seems a little daunting!