Alternative DB System


When self hosting bitwarden with docker, the sqlsrv container is using a lot a memory.

For small instances (pi, small VPS, it’s quite… :frowning: )

Maybe, in setup / configuration we can choose to use an alternative system (sqlite / other)


There is already a Bitwarden server API implementation written in Rust that even runs on a pi zero:
It is fully compatible with all official apps and is updated regularly.

But it still does not support automatic synchronization and a bunch of other features. Dani García does a great job at providing his implementation, but I personally prefer an official one.

Automatic synchronization works fine for me. It might take 20-30 seconds but that’s ok, I guess. I don’t know if it is faster with the official server. Of course an official support would be better.

Yeah, you are right. Seems like the Websockets work for desktop and browser clients. Still no support for mobile apps (those use push notifications).

And for future reference, the feature requests for the bitwarden_rs project are available here: You can see that it is still lacking many features. Still a very competent solution for running on Pi’s and small servers.