Alphabetical Fast Access (Jump) In Item Lists

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Apologies if this is already here somewhere but have been unable to find anything related via searching (but not sure what the correct technical term should be). It appears BW provides no quick way to jump to a specific letter in your vault meaning you must either use search and type the name, or manually scroll through your entire list. I have tested in Windows & macOS desktop apps (and browser extensions), and in the iOS Mobile App and they don’t seem to have any functionality in this regard and can['t find any specific help on it? I am migrating from 1Password and am used to the following which is present in those apps and very useful:

  • On desktop apps (i.e. Windows and macOS) you can click on any item in the list, type a single character (alpha numeric symbol) and it jumps to the first entry (in order) starting with that character.
  • On the (iOS) mobile app if brings up a quick select alphabet menu overlaid on right side of main item list so you can tap a letter/number/symbol to jump to that the first entry in the section.

Am I right that BW currently lacks this functionality in all versions and if so is it in the roadmap for future enhancements?

(I also noted there seems no obvious functionality to sort the item list alphabetically, creation date, last modified date and similar, nor ascending/descending - but see there is already a Feature Request from 2018 for that: Sort items by date of modification, date first added, date of last use, etc).

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I just searched for jump, and this feature request was the first result:

Also among the search results was another similar request (which proposes using the keyboard instead of a jumplist):


Searching for alphabetical brings up a very relevant Pull Request discussion from 2021:

Thanks @grb - I will have a look at those - unfortunately I didn’t find them when I first searched although to be fair I didn’t search for ‘jump’ on its own (actually I only recalled the use of the term ‘jump’ when I was writing the above post after unsuccessful searches); I was searching mainly under ‘alphabetical quick access’ and similar - so maybe had been using too long a search query (3+ words), as didn’t even come across the third one you posted! :confused:

An alphabetical jumplist and Could I create a PR for an alphabetical scrollbar on the mobile apps? are exactly what I was referring to - for mobile apps. The latter is interesting in terms of the response/considerations stated from the BW (Dev?) Team and understanding the thinking about change requests. And Jump to location in list? describes exactly what I was referring to for desktop apps (Windows & macOS).

Definitely think this is pretty useful and simple functionality that I’m surprised isn’t already present (not being negative, just genuinely would have thought that it, along with a couple of other things there are FRs for, would have been pretty stock standard (especially in mobile apps) and already present.