Almost all of my logins have dissapeared. What happened?

All but 4 of my passwords are missing, and there are 12 completely blank entries. I tried re-syncing, and nothing changed. I checked my phone app and it shows the same as my chrome extension. I don’t use folders. I don’t know how many logins I had saved, maybe 100. Now they’re just gone. What happened? Can I not trust Bitwarden to do the one thing it is supposed to do?

Hi @thatsacut, did you check the view from your web vault? For official support, please contact our support team.

I just went and checked the web vault, and there is no difference. Basically all login information and entries are just gone, except for what I mentioned. I have an email in with support. We’ll see what they can tell me. Thanks

It won’t let me edit the post title, but this problem was resolved, although the cause of the issue was not determined.

What happened was all 148 of my login information was moved into the trash folder. This is not something I did (I’ve never even deleted a log-in on purpose). I was able to restore them all from the trash seemingly with out issue. Had I not noticed, they would have all been deleted in 30 days.

Support was very responsive and we emailed back and fourth troubleshooting. They were able to verify that they saw my account still had logins associated with it, and I poked around some more and discovered the trash folder. We still do not know why this happened, or where all the blank entries came from (no name, url, login, etc, just various time stamps, all from March, but none on the same day or time.). I’m just glad the issue is resolved.

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Just out of curiosity, did you have 2FA on your Bitwarden account?

If you didn’t and used the same or similar password from other accounts, you might have been hacked. Either that, or maybe an angry friend or spouse playing games? Just throwing some ideas out there.