Allow users to add new browser to the autofill whitelist

Currently on Android, only whitelisted browsers allow autofill matching for URLs. This is a good security feature, but unfortunatelly adding new browsers takes about half a year (see Github issues for the request to add e.g. Cromite or Mulch). With the number of browsers on Android increasing and changing, a more agile approach would be welcome - for example allowing the users to specify a package name to add to the whitelist, before the browser is added to Bitwarden officially.

I know there are two different kinds of autofill for browsers (native and compatibility shim), so this choice can be implemented as part of the setting.


That would be awesome, there are so many chromium based browsers out there and the user should be able to decide which one they trust. Especially if the review process takes more than 4 months as is currently the case with Cromite. ([PM-3152] Add autofill support for cromite by Bahasnyldz · Pull Request #2640 · bitwarden/mobile · GitHub)

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