Allow use of Fingerprint Recognition as an Alternate Method of 2FA

I use Yubikey as a 2FA when using bitwarden on my desktop or laptop. I cannot use my Yubikey on my phone (older model Yubikey) and I wonder if it would be possible to use my fingerprint as an alternative to Yubikey for 2FA.

New user here, just been in BW boat for 1 month.
You did not list the Operating System of your Phone and neither the way you want to access BW in your phone (browser or native app?) but if you use any of the behemoths in the space (Android/ios) and a native app this link will help you
It’s basically just a setting you enable in your phone app.
Greetings from another Yubikey user :wink:

Thanks for your quick response. I am also a BW newbie have only just installed it two days ago. I am quite pleased with it.

You’re right, I neglected to include vital information. I access BW using the native app. My phone is running Android 12. What I’d like is to add fingerprint recognition to the following list (taken from [])

Using multiple methods

You can enable multiple two-step login methods. When you log in to a vault that has multiple enabled methods, Bitwarden will prompt you for the highest-priority method according to the following order of preference:

  1. Duo (organizations)
  2. FIDO2 WebAuthn
  3. YubiKey
  4. Duo (individual)
  5. Authenticator app
  6. Email
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