Allow skipping confirmation to log in with a passkey

When I log in to a site with a passkey, BitWarden asks me to select which one I want. I usually only have one, and I usually just care about logging in, and don’t really care about which credential I use.

It would be great if BitWarden could have an option (perhaps per-site/per-passkey) to automatically log me in, skipping the selection dialog. It would make logging in to sites much faster, and if this is a per-site option, I would lose no functionality that currently exists.

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Is there anyone I can tag for this to be seen? It’s really annoying to have to wait for the popup every time, only to always click the only button there.

In some cases the passkey you want to used to login might not be stored in your Bitwarden vault. It could be annoying if you have to change settings every-time you have to you other passkeys. I would agree the pop-up is slow, I think they could increase the speed…

This can be solved very simply by having a setting on the item saying “automatically use this passkey”. There’s no sense in optimizing for the 0.1% case when 99.9% of the time I want to use the one passkey that’s in my password manager.

I agree that having this as a user-configurable option (especially if configurable per item) would be nice.

Even having the ability to submit the passkey selection prompt using the Enter key would be an improvement.

FYI, as noted in this comment, Bitwarden is reluctant to implement automatic login for username/password credentials, due to security concerns. However, such concerns may not be as relevant when it comes to passkey login, since the private key would never be exposed.

Unfortunately, I have no more votes to give (and I assume the same is the case for you, since you have not voted for your own request). Maybe this proposal will gain some traction after some votes have been accumulated.

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Oh oops, I didn’t realise I had to vote. I assumed that it would auto-vote my own requests and never bothered to check, thank you.

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