Allow reasonable file attachments for free users

I would love to see file attachments for free accounts. I propose to give free users 100MB space for attachments (or 50 MB, or limit to 20 attachments per vault, etc).

I’m using Bitwarden regularly and have a premium membership, which are maybe the best 10 bucks I spend yearly. Now recently, I installed Bitwarden for my mom. In particular I wanted her to store login data for a government web-app that requires an “authentication file”, an actual file that you need to store and upload on each login! Only after that I realized that Bitwarden doesn’t allow free users to store attachments, and I can’t expect my mom to pay for premium.

So again: please add a reasonable amount of file attachments for free users for such important files.

Maybe gift cards for premium would be a better idea. I mean, it’s only $10 a year - I’m sure your mom is worth it. Or get the family plan for $2 more a year.

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I agree with @dangostylver as well as with you, @eucalypto. I understand your situation for your mother wanting to use this platform to ease her life. Congratulations to her for caring about digital security.


The good thing is, that you have a mom that actually cares about security. That is, at least you have someone from your family that is into digital security.

I’m tired of trying to recover friends’ and relatives’ accounts from thousands of services on the web because they lose their phone numbers, forget e-mails/passwords and uses the same things all on the web over and over again… It’s like I’m the only troubleshooter when everything is messed up. Like I’m the person that cares about securing personal and sensitive info.

Okay, that went a bit off-topic and it was a confide I had to tell. It’s just that I’m congratulating your mom for such attitude. I’m just surprised about that even in 21th tech century people don’t even know the benefits from cloud services and universal unique logins, as well as password management platforms…

But back to what matters, both the Gift Cards and small file attachments limit for free accounts are good ideas. Not to mention that a bounty feature was also talked here in the community too.

Maybe family or premium plans wouldn’t apply for certain individuals in the scenarios I described on the TL;DR notes. And that could be a cause people would stand back to use the platform in case it doesn’t have enough features as expected.
That’s where a limited attachments feature would fit in. Maintaining a data server is expensive, and I recognize that. But borrowing a bit of free space for small amounts of data isn’t that bad.

Unfortunately, the situation with my mom is not as bright as you think, @K0media. She is very inexperienced with computers and thus can’t appreciate such things as password managers. I made her install Bitwarden and she learned to trust me in such matters. I don’t expect her to use Bitwarden much without me in the forseeable future.

As to the attachment, I thougt of using Cryptomator to set up an encrypted vault in a cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive and store the password in Bitwarden. This way she could store other data securely.
I agree that Bitwarden is a password manager and not an encrypted cloud storage.

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