Allow quick-editing of information after creating from "Add Login Notification"

ref GitHub issue: Allow edit after saving a new login · Issue #506 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub

This issue was prompted by a post to reddit:

After allowing BW to save the credentials for a new site automatically, it would be nice if there was a button in the overlayed browser bar to EDIT the new login. Or perhaps there could be an option that when saving new sites, the edit screen should open by default instead of just saving right away.

This would allow the user to immediately choose a folder (tags, pretty please?), edit the site name for readability, clean up the URI, add notes, or make any other adjustments while they are on the user’s mind.

I believe lastpass allows something similar but I’ve expunged it from my systems so can’t check.

Remembering that LastPass shows a quick tooltip on the top right corner prompting to save the login, but it lacks the ability to actually edit it right away from that pop-up. (This is explained better in this thread.)

It’s disappointing as you can’t simply click to edit a few entries you’ve just did, even if you wanted to.

This, pretty please. Would love to have option to edit a information before saving. Sometimes username is incorectly catched by extension. Mostly on pages where you enter email first and in second step you enter name+password. Right now you have no control over what is being saved so I find myself I got some logins with name as a username instead of email.

Second that!
Currently, password is just saved to “unsorted” folder and user need to manually enter the vault end search for newly saved item and then finally edit it (f.e. insert to specific folder).

Yes please, +1. Similar to Roboform’s overlay box, as mentioned in this suggestion: