Allow password protected exports from all apps and extensions

Feature name

Allow creation of Password protected exports from the Desktop App.

Feature function

Currently the Desktop App can only create Account restricted exports, but not Password protected exports. Implementing this feature in the Desktop app will allow users to do so without having to open up their web browser and login to their web vault.


When exporting a vault and selecting .json (Encrypted) as the file format, I get a choice between “Account Restricted” and “Password protected” when using the web version of BitWarden.
When using the Chrome Extension, I do not get an option for how to encrypt the vault when selecting .json (Encrypted) as the format.

Can the option to select “vault export encryption type” be made available in the Chrome Extension version?


I merged two related requests and changed the topic title to “Allow password protected exports from all apps and extensions” (was “Allow password protected exports from Desktop App”).

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Would actiualy be a great idea! and somewhere down the line choose a way asigned certificate / key, That you can choose to only make it work on your vaults & no hacker cannot use it even if they spoof your device and/or network/server to grab the *.json file and use it for their own benifits!

@Darelw0010 No hacker can use a password-protected .json export “for their own benefits” unless you make a weak password or disclose the password.

Hey everyone,

just wanted to let you know that the following pull-requests are bringing password-encrypted exports to browser and desktop:

Once these have passed QA and have been merged, they will be included in an upcoming release (possibly 2024.6).

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