Allow password generation when not logged in on browser extensions

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Currently, the only thing you can do with the browser extension if you’re not logged in, is log in. It would be nice to be able to access the password generator even if you’re not logged in yet, as there’s really no reason to restrict that.

I occasionally run into the need to generate a password or random string even if I don’t intend to save it in my Bitwarden account.

It would just be very handy to be able to do this without logging in first.

I use Firefox but I assume the behavior is identical in other browser extensions


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I’ve needed this many times before and would like to see this as well.

I wonder whether the generated passwords history should be exposed when not being logged in. If not, should there be a separate history for passwords that were generated while not being logged in?

Maybe, maybe not.

Password generation when not logged in would tempt some of us to get lazy and not save the site into our password manager (“I’ll do it later”). And then one day we would get locked out.

I’ll consider this a “the convenience of the many outweighs the lazyness of the few” situation, no?

Additionally, the issue you describe is unrelated to this feature request because it can happen with and without it.