Allow iPhone passcode pop-up to unlock vault when Face ID fails

I understand that Face ID support is there for iPhone users but when Face ID fails, you have to type in the pin that you generated in the app and not the PIN that is used to unlock the phone. I think it would be better if bitwarden popped up the pin field for the iPhone rather than the pin for the vault. I have an example of what it should look like below. This way, when Face ID fails, it pulls up the pin entry screen immediately rather than having it fail the first time then using the number entry screen where it is restricted to entering numbers on the bottom half of the screen. I hope you know what I am talking about.

Basically it’s pretty easy to yourself give your phone unlock code as BW unlock code.
Reusing pin codes (like passwords) is a bad idea. Shoulder surfing is a real thing.

If this would be the default, it would imply that I can no longer share my phone with for example my children.
It would also imply that if one key got compromised, then all other places where that same pin is used, are compromised as well. (Please don’t tell me you’re using the same code for your bank card…)