Allow grantee to revoke Emergency Access Request

Currently, after initiating an Emergency Access Request the grantor can approve or reject the request, besides removing the grantee all together from the list of emergency contacts.

The grantee has no possibility to revoke/cancel his request. He can only wait or remove the grantor from his list.

Obviously, this is just a minor addition to the existing Emergency Access as it’s not a security issue. But IMO this option should be added for a more complete and clean implementation of the Emergency Access. If the grantee, for example, has several contacts in his list and if he picked the wrong one by mistake, he could just revoke the request instead of reaching out to the grantor. The grantor would only notice the two notification mails, “Emergency Access Initiated” and “Emergency Access Revoked”, but he doesn’t have to do anything. Before canceling the request a small confirmation dialog should warn the grantee, that he can start the whole process again, but that the already passed wait time will be lost.