All of a sudden I'm loosing accounts?

All of a sudden I’m loosing web sites from my bitwarden password manager

yesterday it was Amazon there were 2 missing and today it was paypal ?

the only thing I can figure out from my end is that once in a while I use the phone bitwarden to look up a password to log in from my account at work. BUT I never log into paypal from work, so not sure if I left the app OPEN , and closed the wallet case I use on my phone.

This has me worried now.

anyone run into this ?

Best Regards
Roman Toledo

Before posting, please read the [welcome post]

Does this post explain your issue?


YES thank you so much

now I wonder WHY or what’s the reason that Bitwarden is doing this, and did NOT send out a letter to it’s users ?

Also why they ignored my email to them asking. not impressed with that. let’s hope they TRULY are better that that company we ALL dumped to come here.

lastly thanks to Leo Laporte for his advice to use Bitwarden.

Thank you again and best regards