All features in the apps so we don't have to use the less safe web vault

Yes, bitwarden has zero-knowledge encryption so it’s not a problem if data is stolen from the servers. However what if the hackers gain access to the server, then alter the website to silently send over my master password on login?

I have no doubt the servers are immensely secure, but it would be nicer if this attack surface didn’t exist. The bw staff could also be threaten by criminals to give access. With the incredibly valuable data residing on the bw servers, I think hackers/criminals will go to extreme lengths.

If I were able use the service only through the apps and verify their release with PGP/checksum, I would be better guarded against this attack.

You could self-host to prevent this (the bw service IS a honeypot after all). And / or use a second factor.

I submitted this feature request because I WANT to use the bitwarden cloud service and support them. It’s mutual beneficial, premium bitwarden subscription is must cheaper than hosting yourself. Also I, as most people, am not an IT admin and have the expertise to deploy that safely, nor interested in spending the time maintaining it.

Regarding 2FA, I don’t think that will help if the server is compromised?

You are correct if only the captured password would be required to decrypt a vault. I don’t know if that’s the case for 2fa protected accounts.