is proposing Alibaba Login as well, why?

Hi, when I log on, I am proposed with as well :

even though my entry does not have a URI:
Why is it like this ? How to correct this ?

It is because Aliexpress and Alibaba are the same company and they use the same login database. That is, if you have a login on Aliexpress, you can use the same credentials to access Alibaba and vice versa.

This is just like you can use your credentials to access

Rather than store two, potentially conflicting, copies of the same credentials, Bitwarden recognizes popular “equivalent domains” and keeps track of them for you. You can override this behaviour, if you want to have separate credentials for some reason, by creating two separate login items and using URI Matching Rules to distinguish them.

You can also add your own custom equivalent domain rules in your vault settings.

You can also edit the Global Equivalent Domains (in the domain rules section of your web vault account settings) to remove the association between Aliexpress and Alibaba: click the gear icon to the right of the entry for,,,, then select “Exclude” or “Customize”. Clicking “Customize” is the same as clicking “Exclude”, except that it also copies the entry to your Custom Equivalent Domains list, where you can further edit the entry to remove only one or two of the linked sites.

Thank you, it is now working: I have excluded the Alibaba entry in the global equivalent domain