Aitofill completely stopped working

Autofill was already very spotty on Android. I often had to refresh the page several times before the credential strip would appear - and that’s for the sites it would appear for at all, which is about half of them.

After the latest update though it has stopped appearing for any site. For all sites I have to open the app, wait for it to load - which that can take seconds for some reason in 2024 - then search for every site and manually copy-paste my credentials. I basically might as well use a text file in an encrypted zip because that’s all this app is currently doing.

I’ve force-closed the app and rebooted the phone, all to no avail.

Why can’t you guys devote as much attention to Android as you do to iOS? There the app runs immaculately on my ancient iphone which stopped receiving OS updates years ago, but on this Pixel still receiving OS updates from Google, it’s an unusable mess.