After using Bleachbit, PC Windows 10, credentials not recognized. Cannot login

So, last Friday night I decided to clean my pc of redundant files and Bleachbit was recommended on certain blogs. Downloaded it from offical website.

Because the way it works it’s slow. So I let the app work all night.
In the morning,
Bitwarden desktop would 1) Show captcha for first time on login and
2) refuse my password.

Tech support confirmed validity of my email being associated with an account.
(not the same email used here on this forum) ,
and I am quite meticulous and use redundant apps to backup this most crucial piece of data i.e. my master password and vault.

Thankfully I backed-up my Bitwarden also as a portable version on a USB key that allows me to re-access most of my logins(I think). If not for that I’d be screwed.

Now I use Bitwarden with all my browsers (browser extension).

It’s my go to memory dump. SO very important.

Any known precedents of either Bleachbit or CrapCleaner or other cleaning app
screwing-up credentials? If so, how/why would that occur?

I keep getting captcha followed by the orange box stating “incorrect username or password” using the exact same password documented in my other note app.
Now I also made backups of my vault.
So, I am faced with creating a new vault and importing the backup.
But before I do it,
Any thoughts?

I forgot to add:
I use a Yubikey as 2FA, and did not get prompt to use it.

“Only the paranoid survive”
Harold Finch

Perfect, but should not be necessary as your data is online still available. You could check this out on a different device by going to

About the CAPTCHAs:
Do you use a VPN or a proxy ? If “yes”, try without.
If “no”, reboot the router (=remove the power cable) to get a new IP-address; unless of course you have a static one.

And about Bitwarden:
Uninstall it, reboot your computer (do NOT just shut it down and switch it back on, instead really do a reboot), re-install Bitwarden, try again.

Those were the non-destructive methods you can try.

Now some more radical things you can do, if it still does not work:
Try a repair-installation or if you are not allergic to Windows 11 and if your computer supports it instead upgrade. The idea behind both recommendations is: Get the OS fixes.

Ok Peter.
Will try those steps
and report back.
Thank you.

OK, so after doing those steps here are the results:
No change from the desktop app.
When returning to this forum,
after entering the forum credentials manually
from my note app,
I got the typical Bitwarden icon on top to invite to save the password
to Bitwarden. I did that.
Then noticed that
the browser plugin gets turned on
and the Bitwarden browser plugin works as normal.
But if I try to go to web vault, same resistance as desktop.

Any idea anyone ? Besides from “try on another device” or “re-install Windows” ?

I can suggest two small things to try, Peter, but they have a slim chance of being effective if @Cyberfortress has already performed everything you suggested:

  • ensure you haven’t changed your Windows keyboard layout and/or experiment with other layouts that may be representing special characters slightly different
  • disable IPv6 on the PC, reboot it, and try again