Admin Login Self-hosted

Hello Everyone,
I’ve installed Bitwarden as self-hosted on my SYNOLOGY via docker.
It’s almost working so far, but I’ve problem logging as an Admin & confirm mail addresses.
Problem is following, the link I receive per mail has this format:
xxxxx.xxxx.xxxx\489274923&9234239 …
My Bitwarden is on HTTPS:\

How I change the behavoir of this mail ? (https:\\487984273924&43294327 instead of xyc.yxcy.xcy\4729387498234)

I’ve configured also following in the .yml under NGINX under ports:

Also under the ReverseProxy of the Synology itself I’ve made a rule :
Protocol: HTTPS
Port: 443

Protocol: HTTP
hostname xxxx.lan
Port: 8123

If I try to set as destination HTTPS then I can still reach the bitwarden website, but not to login.

What am I missing here?

BTW I followed this guide to install bitwarden on my synology.

There is a issue on Github

Hello @TDA,
if I understand you right, you mean that you get a different domain on the email link. Example: you have bitwarden behind but you get email link with If that is so, check the global.override.env file under env folder, you most probably do not have the correct domain set up under the variables starting with globalSettings__baseServiceUri and globalSettings__attachment__baseUrl.