Adjust or supplement behavior of "Never URLs" matching algorithm

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This has been discussed before, but TL;DR the current implementation of the “Never match URI” strategy is counterintuitive (IMO). Some others agree.

What I expected was, if I add a “never match” URI to a login, that Bitwarden will not show it in the list of matches (or try to autofill) when sitting on a page that matches the never URL pattern – even if there are other match strings that DO match.

In other words, a Never URL matching the page overrides any other possible matches found for that login. Example:

Login A:

  • URI 1 (base domain):
  • URI 2 (never):

Login B

  • URI 1 (base domain):

If I am visiting:

I would like only Login B to be shown since there is a “Never URI” matching on Login 1.

If I am visiting:

I would expect both Login A and Login B to be shown.

If it’s not acceptable to change this behavior due to backwards compatibility, then I suggest adding a new type of match called "Hide" (or "Skip", "Block" etc) to indicate that the login should be omitted if there’s a match.

That is a great suggestion. I have run into this as well. Not too often but it seems like this would be a simple “repair job”.