Additional option for passphrase generator

I like the passphrase generator, but it would be cool if an option for the word separator could be “Consecutive number”. I ask because (for ease of use) we use 5 word passphrases with a consecutive number as the separator to aid manual typing.

For example:


Which helps with typing if we have to enter it manually

Since you’re concerned with the ease of manual typing, may I ask why you prefer to use consecutive numbers for the separators, as opposed to something even easier to type manually, like a space character or hyphen?

With a randomly selected 5-word passphrase, you are already have 65 bits of entropy just from the words, and 1 additional bit from the word capitalization. By changing the default separator (-) to a sequence of consecutive integers, you might add at most 4 bits of additional entropy (if one considers that there are around 20 plausible sequences of five consecutive integers, ascending or descending, including odd numbers only or even numbers only).

In contrast, if you keep the default hyphen as a separator but select the “Include Number” option (which adds a random single-digit number to a randomly selected word in the passphrase), then you would increase the entropy by almost 6 bits (and you can get one additional bit of entropy by changing the separator character from a hyphen to a space).

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