Adding support on Android for the Neeva browser

Feature/Fix name:

Add support for Neeva’s browser

Feature/Fix Description

I’d like to add support for Neeva’s browser, which was recently released on the Play Store:

I’ve locally created a patch that follows and changes the relevant fields to values relevant to our app. Compiling it locally seems to show it working as intended:

Clients / Repos Affected:

  • Mobile

Timeline to completion (estimate):

ETA: Q3/2022

Hey @dan_alcantara thanks for the contribution, have you created a public PR request for the team to review?

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Was actually having trouble uploading a PR for review (kept hitting a 403); will give it another crack this afternoon and report back. Thanks!

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Sounds good, if you need to connect with developers regarding potential contributions, you can also check out the Gitter channel: bitwarden/Lobby - Gitter

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@dan_alcantara Thank you very much for your contribution :heart:.

I have reviewed your PR and merged it. Your changes will be included in the 2023.1 release.

We really appreciate all kinds of contribution and I apologize for the long wait until review.

Kind regards,