Adding passwords for luggage lock(s)

Feature name

  • Passwords for luggage lock(s)

Feature function

  • Benefits: luggage locks are another category of passwords that is important (I think) and would be really useful to many people. What benefits will this feature bring?

Related topics + references

  • i can’t find any references to this feature or function on other platforms that may be helpful to explain this issue. I think it is quite easy to understand.

Is there some reason you can’t use a regular Login item for this? Or are you just pulling my leg here… :smiley:

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Agree. No need for a new type.

You could use a Secure Note or Login item. I would use Secure Note myself. Can be named appropriately and doesn’t have unnecessary fields.

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Just FYI: Most luggage locks offer no real security, only the illusion of it. Many can be cut with a small handheld wire cutter, and others can be picked with ease. Most are so basic that an experienced hand can just feel the correct combination by rotating the cylinders. If a lock is being used for a zippered compartment, zippers can be opened with a simple jeweler’s screwdriver, completely bypassing the lock.

Setting the lock’s combination to “1234” usually offers just as much real security as setting it to random digits.

I use the oldest and most worn luggage imaginable, with no locks. I’ve seen thieves at airports, and they don’t give my luggage a second glance. And when the luggage handlers tear one of my bags by mistake, I don’t mind. A little duct tape to the rescue! Worse comes to worse, I go to a local charity’s store and buy a new bag for less than the cost of a cup of coffee. :slight_smile:

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If the lock is not fixed to the suitcase you can even open it up without tempering with the lock and without leaving a trace by just using a simple pen.

Just to keep things tidy, I’ll close this topic. The current item types of course support storage for these types of codes, and we’ll have additional item types and capabilities in the future that may make it even easier.