Adding new Items directly into the collections of the Organisation (self-hosted)

Is there any way to directly add a new Item into a collection of an organisation out of the desktop app?

The goal is that several users can add, edit and remove items within the organisations collections and none of them getting deleted, if any user delets their account. And not only via the web interface but also via desktop app.

For now the only ways I can find to add something to a collection is via sharing an existing item (which gets deleted in the collection as soon as it gets deleted in the private Vault) or adding it as an admin user. Both only doable via the web interface. Also a big Problem, for these two ways to add something is that nobody else than the creator and/or the owner can edit or delete the item.


For now, sharing can only be done from the web vault. There is a open feature request for being able to do this from other apps. There is also another feature request for being able to share at the time of creation.

If an item is shared to an organization, that user no longer owns the item. The organization does. If the original owner account is deleted or removed from the organization, any items they shared will still be in the organization.

I’d love to see how people use an Organizations (and Collections) to manage & share records, but no way to take them back out of an Organization.

There must be a good reason why the original admin (owner of both record and Organization) cannot “own” the records even when sharing them there, and admin / edit them as needed. Including taking them back out of the Organization and back into their main vault (right now that last part is only possible by export and re-import).

It seems reasonable to want to edit / manage the records within the encrypted environment of BW App / Vault, and not have to export to unencrypted CSVs.

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