Adding insurance cards and biometric access

I would love to see the ability at least in the portable app to be able to bring up insurance cards for either auto or medical.

For most biometric people the security on your phone or tablet is sufficient. For those that use a desktop there is usually a device that plugs into a usb port that can check a finger of their choice. However you cannot do that currently. You have to find where you saved your password and then manually type it in. Kensington has partnered with several biometric companies and services but not with Bitwarden.

I sent and email before suggesting that we should be able to save insurance cards both medical and auto into bitwarden. They emailed back and told me to post in here. Bitwarden needs to get on this list so that portable fingerprint readers can be used with bitwarden. VeriMark™ Setup Guide | Kensington

Only thing is Bitwarden isn’t a biometric company. They’re a password management platform. You’re suggesting they provide an integration with biometric partners.

I can say that Bitwarden on iOS and Android, as well as macOS do already support biometric authentication. I use Touch-ID/Face-ID on iOS every day. And whatever Google calls their biometric authentication on Android also works fine.

The only one I haven’t tried yet personally is Windows Hello, but according to their documentation, it is supported.

I use a Kensington finger print reader with Windows 10 and Windows 11. The Kensington device integrates very smoothly with Windows Hello. So if Bitwarden supports Windows Hello and Kensington is a supported biometric authentication option, I would have to think it just works. I will test it to make sure.

What is it that you’re looking for them to do in terms of biometric authentication that they don’t already support?