Add ZIP/postal code to credit cards

Feature name

  • Add ZIP/postal code to credit cards

Feature function

On many sites in the US, credit cards ask for a billing ZIP code. It would be great if Bitwarden could store and auto-fill that ZIP code along with the usual credit card number, expiration, and CVV.
I know I can store my ZIP in my “home” autofill, but it would be great to enter all CC info with one click.
I understand I can create a custom field, but then I have to know exactly what the form-fill field name is. I expect Bitwarden can fill it “smartly” by knowing all the common forms of zip, zip-code, postal-code, postal_code, etc.

There are more languages than “just” English. For German it could be PLZ or Postleitzahl, for Spanish speaking countries CP or Código Postal. So I truly doubt that Bitwarden would be able to detect this field for all languages around the world.

With one of their last updates they simplified this process tremendously. Just right click the input form, go to Bitwarden and then click onto Copy Custom Field Name.

For more details see here: Custom Fields | Bitwarden Help & Support

Sure there are other languages – in which case it’s even more of a good idea for Bitwarden to add it. I presume they’ve figured out all the common field names for credit card forms in all languages, which is why credit card autofill works so well. I’m just asking for zip/postcode to be added. In fact they already autofill zip/postal-code in Identities, so it’s just a matter of adding the same logic to credit cards.