Add WiFi Sync

Coming from 1Password, it would be nice if you could add WiFi Sync (ie Mac <–> iPhone)
I don’t want to use the cloud, nor host my own cloud server.
It should be as easy as on 1Password - activate WiFi Sync and your phone and PC automatically sync over WiFi, without ever connecting to the internet.

AFAIK, Bitwarden’s design requires a server to store the encrypted password vault. The default is the Bitwarden vault on (unless you host your own instance). It’s never had a local option. I doubt (as just another user) that Bitwarden would implement direct sync over WiFi (or a sync without a server in between) anytime soon. Of course, anything that competes better with 1Password is very much welcome.

I do agree.

Most people are leaving 1P because the local vault has been revoked in 1P8, not mentioning the subscription model issue?