Add unshare option (1 click move organization vault item to individual vault)

For those interested, here an initial PR with the changes on the Web Vault: Redefine cipher "share" to "move to organization" by MGibson1 · Pull Request #1039 · bitwarden/web · GitHub


Really? 140 posts explaining why this is ridiculous for non-companies and Bitwarden’s solution is to change one word?


The first step is clarifying the existing feature for sure, since changing a core component of how data is shared/secured will be a large lift.

We are working on methods to delineate functions and features that are more family/non-enterprise oriented as well.


Oh that sound a little more promising, thanks for clarifying that :smile: Other than this Bitwarden is pretty much perfect!


+1 for this feature, am somewhat surprised it’s not possible for an owner to be able to unshare an item from an organisations vault. Not the end of the world in my use-case (just a personal organisation) but I can imagine it could be disastrous for actual organisations.


The missing “unshare” option makes this feature almost useless for me. Another problem with items in an organization is the lack of ability to attach new files.

How about the following idea? Export individual items (from the organization) into a transfer file and reimport these data into the private vault. Finally remove the item from the organization vault.


Another problem with items in an organization is the lack of ability to attach new files.

Why do you think new files can’t be attached to items in an organization? I’m pretty sure that in fact you an.

This feature is missing so much


This should have higher priority.

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Is there ANY progress besides the changed wording? Any plans, milestones or at least the will to change something, ever?

This should not have higher priority, it should have at least some priority.

As I said, I’m the administrator. Let me administrate! Please.

@Root-Core thanks for the feedback and checking in. This feedback bas been passed along to the team, although we don’t have a timeframe for development.

I’ve updated the title of the feature request to better reflect functionality. Due to the Bitwarden security architecture, the product does not currently support a single click to unshare Organization items. Bitwarden does support closing Organizational items back to a personal vault if desired.

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Please add the ability to move items between the personal vault and organizational vaults.

It seems like you can move from personal vault to org by using the “share” option

But it doesn’t look like you can do the opposite and remove from org back to vault. Is that correct ?

Also, none of these options are available from the mobile app ?


I’m also stumped as to how to remove an item from an Organization. Because if you delete an organization, as I’m about to do, the records that were previously transferred to it will also vaporize. Its unfortunate that this cannot be better implemented, or easier to find.

Any help in this are would be greatly appreciated.

I just created my second organisation and it seems like there is no easy way to move some items from my first organisation into my second organisation?

+1 for an ability to move items between vaults/organisations!

I see that it was reported here Ability to move vault item from my vault to an organization collection as well, but was closed Ability to move vault item from my vault to an organization collection in favor of Bulk share items

I am not seeing an option to move items to another organisation using the bulk-share option though.

Guess it’s yet to be announced.

Giving this another look, this seems to be right! :white_check_mark:

One way was to export from the Organization vault and import in the personal vault, and manual delete from the org vault later on.

I used the json format which didn’t bring attachments, not a big deal in my case.

What’s also stupid is that when I went to share the item with a collection on the mobile app, I was not warned that I’m moving the item out of my personal vault and into my company vault! No warning! After it moved the item, the app tells me that I’ve moved it to the org and now I cannot move it back! WTF?! why?

As mentioned above, just clone the item (taking ownership) into your personal vault and then delete the original in the organizational vault.