Add trusted device approval to custom user permissions list

Hi there,

Our organization really likes the new trusted device approval option that was added to the latest version of BitWarden. The only issue that is preventing us from enabling this is it would create a lot of administrative overhead for our administrators to always be checking for device approvals as there are hundreds of people within our organization, many of whom have multiple devices or don’t have a dedicated workstation. We are currently at the beginning of our deployment, so there would be a massive amount of approvals that we’d need to be constantly monitoring when more users are enrolled.

A feature that we would find to be very useful is to create an “Admin Permission” under the “Custom” member role when editing a user. For instance, if we have [email protected], we would like to be able to edit the member, change the member role to “Custom”, then click on “Manage device approvals” to allow the helpdesk user to manage “Device approvals” under settings. This would allow for faster response times and allow our helpdesk employees to be able to authorize new devices.

Here’s a visual example of what I am describing:
Organizations → Members → Member Role


Welcome to the community @Retriever4730 - and what a great way to introduce yourself! We appreciate the suggestion and I’ll submit it for review!