Add specific images version tag in the docker-compose.yml in the

Feature name

Provide specific images version tag instead of latest tag.

Feature function

It will provide more clarity and possibility to quickly rollback the installation for on-premises users.
Then using the latest tag it’s quite difficult to rollback to the previous working version just by backing up all files. Also because the versions of some containers images differs from the release version.

Related topics + references

For example:

❯ grep image docker/docker-compose.yml
    image: bitwarden/mssql:latest
    image: bitwarden/web:latest
    image: bitwarden/attachments:latest
    image: bitwarden/api:latest
    image: bitwarden/identity:latest
    image: bitwarden/sso:latest
    image: bitwarden/admin:latest
    image: bitwarden/icons:latest
    image: bitwarden/notifications:latest
    image: bitwarden/events:latest
    image: bitwarden/nginx:latest

All the images point to the latest tag.
Which means, if the on-premises users backup the previous installation docker-stub files (as suggested in the docs) - they can’t just rollback if the upgrade goes wrong.
To do that, we need to manually find the previous version containers images version from docker hub for example.
Which is a hassle.