Add Samsung Internet support


Would it possible to add support for Samsung Internet browser? Both Stable and Beta (Beta is really stable, just has newer features implemented).
Thank you in advance!

Last I checked, Samsung browsers don’t support accessibility services. Not sure about Oreo autofill.

Ok. Now it’s even Pie I’m using, but I am not sure about the support for accessibility services. Perhaps you could re-check? If that’s true, close this topic.

Could some please try Samsung Internet with Bitwarden’s Autofill Framework Service support
on Android 9 (Pie)? I’d REALLY like to use Bitwarden with Samsung Internet on Android Pie. If it’s supported, I’ll install Bitwarden and start using it.

I tested just now - not working. S8, Pie, everything stock.

Does anyone from Bitwarden actually read these features requests? Is there a better place to ask for support for this?

Here you can vote a topic. Perhaps we can gather some response.

I think that’s an excellent idea.