Add possibility for hosted Bitwarden to separate Send on a different host

It would be great to be able to set up an addition host / container for the “Bitwarden Send” feature only, meaning the download of a send file / text, not the creation of it.

We use the hosted Bitwarden version not only to store all our data in our datacenter but also to garantee that noone outside our network can access the Bitwarden server,
Currently this has the consequence, that “Bitwarden Send” can only be used within the company, but not to send sensitive information to outsiders,

Moveing the Bitwarden server into a DMZ and open the firewall to access the Bitwarden URL will make it also possible to access the Bitwarden Vaults from outside, much must not be possible and was the reason for choseing the hosted version.

So we need a different server, with a different URL, that can be put into a DMZ and made accessable from the outside.
Then a way for the Bitwarden server to push the sent item onto that DMZ server so the Send-URL can be accessed from the inside and the outside.

That would be great and make the Send functionality more useful, since the transfer of secrets over the internet is more risky, than transfering secrets within the internal company network.

Thanks in advance,