Add pgp/gpg pki keypair support

  • As a kind of Bitwarden Identify item perhaps, add a new feature to generate one or more PKI keypairs.
  • Bitwarden User can then send Others a public key.
  • Others can encrypt content to the Bitwarden User’s public key (by using PGP, GPG, or Bitwarden).
  • Upon receipt of the content encrypted to the Bitwarden User’s public key, Bitwarden User can attach file or paste content into Bitwarden and have the encrypted content conveniently decrypted by Bitwarden.

keywords: Public Key Infrastructure, key pair, gnupg, public key encryption, asymmetric encryption


I love this idea! I would love a PGP notepad, and pgp_key.asc filetype import and export. I want to be able to sign and encrypt messages and add recipients (including me) public pgp keys. Then also I want to be able to paste a pgp message and decrypt it with my own private key.

This would be a game changer for bitwarden.

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Yeah, I’d love to see this feature! It’d be great to get a pineentry for bitwarden as well :slight_smile:

Great idea, can you add support to GPG. Thank you.