Add option to skip confirmation for biometric unlock on Android

Feature concept

When unlocking your vault on Android via facial recognition, you must click “confirm” to continue to your vault. While this can be a good security feature, many users may prefer the convenience of skipping this confirmation process. As such, a setting should be added to skip confirmation.

Feature function

  • Add new setting under Options → Security titled “Require biometrics confirmation” (or similar)
  • When this setting is active, the “confirmation” button must be clicked before your vault will be unlocked. When inactive, no confirmation is required, unlocking your vault as soon as your face has been recognized.

Related topics + references

This is bad design. You don’t have to confirm for fingerprints. Essentially, you’re making face recognition worse than fingerprint verification because you have to hold your phone in a position to scan your face and then you have to recognize a spot to put your finger, the exact same motion for fingerprint verification since it’s essentially the same spot. You’re creating two steps to unlock your phone with your face vs one with your fingerprint. Why wouldn’t everyone just do fingerprint verification instead?

Exactly, it’s just a pointless cumbersome step. I understand why some people might want it, but personally I’m fine forgoing the minor bump in security for the convenience. If I had a finger print sensor as an option, I’d absolutely use that instead (Pixel 6 can’t come out fast enough…)

start this intent using startActivityForResult(Intent, int) and check for RESULT_OK if the user successfully completes the challenge.

This is for API level 21. Previous versions might work with KeyguardLock.