Add option to copy to clipboard username/password/website on double click

I’m a new user coming from KeePass and really miss KeePass’s feature of double clicking on the username, password, or website field copying it to the clipboard. This feature was requested on GitHub twice (#30 and #40) but both requests were closed saying to post here instead.

Alternatively, it would be helpful to have buttons to the right of the entry listing for quick copying of username, password, and website. Currently, I believe there is a little too much mousing required and the keyboard shortcuts are less than optimal.

Came here to say that so +1

90% of my actions with the vault consist to copy a password so having to do 2 clicks instead of one is a UX inconvenience you notify on the long term

Hey folks!

We actually implemented #30 :slight_smile:

You can autofill username/password in a context menu also, and if you do have to access the vault via the web extension, you just click once on the “person” and it copies username, or once on the “key” and it copies the password. No need to open the item and manually copy.

Also, if you are a premium/enterprise user and leverage TOTP in your vault, your TOTP code is automagically copied to your clipboard upon login, so you can paste away (Pro tip: this also works on the mobile apps, too!)

Hi tgreer!

Just to make sure we’re on the same page, we’re both talking about the desktop app right? I don’t see any icons on the entry itself without having to click on it or use the context menu.

To give you an idea of my Keepass workflow (which isn’t terribly unique), let’s say I wanted to log into the Bitwarden forums:

  1. Open Keepass
  2. Start typing “Bitwarden”, Keepass finds the entry
  3. Double click on the URL column/row entry area, pops open Firefox and brings me to the saved login page
  4. Double click on the username column/row entry area, copies it to the clipboard so I can paste into browser
  5. Double click on my password column column/row entry area, copies it to the clipboard so I can paste into browser.

The Bitwarden workflow has slightly more clicks:

  1. Open Bitwarden
  2. Click on the search bar (it would also be cool if Bitwarden went immediately to the search when someone starts typing)
  3. Start typing “Bitwarden”
  4. Right click on the entry, mouse to “launch”, left click which pops open Firefox and brings me to the saved login page
  5. Right click on the entry, mouse to “Copy username”, left click and paste into browser
  6. Right click on the entry, mouse to “Copy password”, left click and paste into browser

Keepass is probably 3-4 seconds quicker to get me logged in vs. Bitwarden just from the mousing/click differences. I realize this is minor in the scheme of things but I’m hoping it might be an easy feature to add.

Ah! Nope - I was talking about the browser extensions.

I’ll actually have to check in why this UI element is different. Good catch!

For web items specifically, the extension may help your cause in the mean time :slight_smile:

The browser extension is super slick (at least on Firefox) but I have concerns about the security implications of keeping my passwords in the browser. This isn’t specific to Bitwarden; I just prefer to minimally trust my browser in case an exploit crops up.

I would like this for the web version. In the vault, there is plenty of white space between the site info and gear button. Copy username and copy password buttons here would be handy.

Bumping thread for this request for the desktop app.

As a long time KeePass user, the ability to double click the field you wanted (username, password, URL) to copy it to the clipboard for a quick Ctrl+V into the respective fields was fast and convenient. Like others, I’m not a fan of having my passwords stored in a browser extension and prefer to have things locally.

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I second that,

I hate that i have to click the gear icon to access the buttons “copy username, copy password”

Something that may help (based on the thread tag) - you can copy the username/passwords with keyboard shortcuts currently in the desktop app:

  • Ctrl/CMD + U Copy Username
  • Ctrl/CMD + P Copy Password
  • Ctrl/CMD + T Copy TOTP

Also chiming in here that being able to double click an entry on the desktop app to copy the password would be a huge quality of life improvement!