Add option for partial master lock

When locked, the browser icon always shows as “locked” (a red padlock), so I cannot tell if I have any logins for a site until I unlock the master password.

This means I need to leave the browser unlocked for the whole duration of my browser usage which is not that secure.

I suggest adding an option for a “partial” lock mode.

This mode will show the login number counter (or even just a “yes” icon without a counter), but will still prompt/require the master password is entered before filling in the login or presenting a list of logins to be filled.

In relation to the last comment - the partial lock will probably need to relate to the lock after time feature.

You’d need to log in at least once per session or let it sleep and lock.

That way you don’t need to leave it completely unlocked, which is currently the only option available now (which is even less secure).