Add login had previous password saved in firefox

New here, so hello,

And apologies if my googling is letting me down but…

When I’m trying to add new login through firefox extension to a new site, the password already there is the last one used for that login. I’d rather it was blank (or a fresh one autogenerated).

I’m setting this up for parents they’ll likely end up with the same password for everything if not.

Is that a setting I’m not seeing somewhere?


So, to clarify, you’d like a different password for a website? You need to change the password on the website through their “Account Settings” or “Profile” section. As you click “Change password”, Bitwarden will (or I say, should) prompt you with “new password detected - update?” kind of window.

Bitwarden just stores a personal copy of passwords you’ve already set at a website. It’s more like a “very very secure notebook of all your logins”; it does not actually change passwords for you.

Sorry, Probably wasn’t clear.

I’m setting up a number of new websites in a fresh install of bit warden, using the firefox extension. Imagine you’re visiting it for the first time and want to setup a new account there.

Go to new website, choose ‘Add a login’ from the extension bar dropdown

As per the screenshot in the previous post. The password is already filled out for you, with the last password you used and you manually have to generate a new one.

My suggestion is that it’s either blank, making you generate a new password, or it autogenerates a fresh one. You’re tempting people to reuse the same password for multiple sites doing it the current way.

I appreciate now I should probably just get them to login through the site and let bitwarden pick that up - but this behaviour is still the suggested way to do it for new websites and, I would suggest, probably not the right one.

I might still be missing it. For me, Bitwarden does start “Add a Login” with a blank password and on BBC (as an example), I’ve no previous logins and it just came out looking like this after I hit “Add a Login”:

So you’re making new logins and there is already a password there? And it’s the last one you used (presumably on some other website)? That’s…crazy bad.

If I’m understanding you right (maybe, but I’m not sure, heh), that definitely should be a bug. I believe they can get directly reported here:

You’ve got it right and just to clarify, as I’ll send them this as a history, yes, it’s the login and password from another site - the last one I used as ‘add a login’, rather than the last one I signed into a site with.

But thanks for clarifying it’s not normal behaviour and for raising a smile with the ‘crazy bad’ comment.

Firefox Quantum 64.0.2 on windows 10 17763.253 and bitwarden extension 1.37.0 as I’ll send them this history

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Sounds like the best plan. FWIW, I reproduced it on Firefox Quantum 64.0.2, Windows 17134.523 (64-bit), and BW Extension 1.37.0!

Haha, cheers. Hope they fix that ASAP: I’m still a bit open-mouthed how that’s happening…

Are you using the built-in password manager for Firefox? Perhaps it is autofilling this password into the extension window for whatever reason. Try disabling it.

Feel a bit sheepish as yes. Have cleared passwords and turned them off in firefox and the problem has gone.

I guess you probably don’t need them using bitwarden but, even so, any idea how to add an extension as an exclusion?

Must admit I’m not 100% sure there’s a use case for it but perhaps around using firefox password sync and mobile devices. I’ll think harder :wink:

Thanks for the speedy response either way