Add ImprovMX to the Username Generator

Hello to the Bitwarden team and community,

I’m writing from ImprovMX, where we’ve provided email forwarding since 2013 and now support over 100K users.

We’re looking to integrate with Bitwarden’s Username Generator. Our API could allow Bitwarden users to create email aliases on the fly, enhancing their email management without compromising privacy.

Despite previous attempts to connect with your team, we haven’t yet established contact. I’m reaching out to explore how we might work together on this feature.

Here’s our API documentation for your review.

Best regards,

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Hi James, thanks for your interest in integrating your product with Bitwarden. We believe our users are pretty satisfied with the options available to them for generating email aliases in the username generator. However, we’ll keep an eye on the votes this post receives and reach out to you about a code contribution if we think there’s enough community support.