Add 'Ghost Folders' for additional security and plausible deniability

It would be great if we could hide certain folders (ie., ‘Ghost Folders’) and then re-summon them by typing their exact names in the search bar once we need to check the items in that specific folder.

This change would provide a significant improvement in overall user security with specific threat models. For example, if a user is compelled to hand over their password to an adversary, this would mean that certain items would remain safely stored even in this scenario. Another benefit would be in future data breaches where attackers are able to open user vaults.

Your request seems very similar to this existing request:

I can merge the two, unless you feel that your concept of hidden folders (as opposed to a hidden vault) merits its own feature request.

A hidden folder would not be hidden from an export. The 2nd “unlisted” vault seems like a better hiding place.