Add essential keyboard shortcuts & navigation

Come on guys! LastPass is about to become paid-for. You can make piles of lovely crisp dollars at their expense if you can add MVP features like proper keyboard-shortcuts.

Just noticed this FR after posting the below to Arrow keys to select filtered passwords in browser extention

I believe I want this same thing as @raycekar. When you search in the browser extension my preference would be:

  1. After the search times out and search results are shown the first search result is selected and pressing the ENTER key will launch that web page in a new tab. However you don’t have to press ENTER, you could also use the arrow goes to move up and down in the list (including going back to the search field where anything you type at this point will be appended to your previous search text).

If the developers don’t like that workflow then my second preference would be:

  1. After the search times out and search results are shown the search field stays active (as it does today, so you can keep typing), but the arrow keys will let you arrow down to select one of the search results. Pressing ENTER will launch the web page in a new
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I’d like to add onto this as well by requesting the addition of the “ESC” key when the vault is open to close it.

Basic flow right now is as follow:

  1. Open a website I want to log onto
  2. Press Ctrl + Shift + Y to open the vault
  3. Unlock my vault with my master password
  4. Use my mouse to click back into the window / close the vault
  5. Press Ctrl + Shift + L to insert password/-s

Step 4 would be where the ESC support would come in handy to close the vault and immediately return back to the window / input fields. No need for using the mouse there.

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Hi there! I am one of the new Bitwarden users switching over from the LastPass crowd.

so far, I love Bitwarden, but I need to upvote this! Keyboard shortcuts in the Windows application are a much needed feature!


Another lastpass refugee here. loving BW so far, but the inability to use the keyboard to launch a site is killing me!

My primary use case is launching a saved site with the keyboard only.

Thus the suggestion noted by @kriswilk above is perfect:

  1. User defined keyboard shortcut to open the extension (this already exists).
  2. On the extension, the default focus is search (this is already done as well).
  3. Pressing UP/DOWN should navigate the items list (the first item should automatically be highlighted)
  4. Pressing ENTER on an item should visit the site (or autofill if already open)
  5. Pressing RIGHT on an item should open the details pane for that item.
  6. Pressing ESC should close the popup.



[Using Bitwarden in Chrome and Firefox extensions on Windows]

I find the basic procedure for launching a site to be unnecessarily cumbersome, when using a browser extension on Windows. I explain the problems below and suggest the improvements.

I do a search and get the matching logins. Focus is still in the search field and my hands are on the keyboard. The next things I have to do, whether there is just one matching entry or several, is:

  1. take my hand off the keyboard
  2. grab the mouse
  3. move the mouse pointer to the entry I want (possibly doing some scrolling as well)
  4. then finally, click on the small launch icon on the right side of the entry.

Given that the above action is typically the most common use case (without there being a recently used logins menu):

  • The keyboard to mouse handoff is cumbersome.
  • The launch icon is small and requires additional eye-hand coordination to click on.

While focus is still in the search field:

  • Enable navigation up/down the list of results with the up/down arrow keys.
  • At any time, pressing Enter should immediately launch the currently selected result or the only result if there’s just one in the list.
  • Or, if you do want to mouse-click on a result, the default action when clicking on the much larger name portion should be to launch the site, not to view the entry - or at least, make this an option.
  • At the same time, the first icon button on the right never changes; it’s always the one to view the entry, and never the one to launch the site.

If you’re already on the site page then still, as is currently the case, the default action for clicking on the name is to do the fill in.

This solution makes more logical sense as well: Clicking on the name of a login is only for doing something directly related to the corresponding site page - either launching it, or filling in the fields. Viewing or editing a login, which happens relatively infrequently, is relegated to the smaller icon button, which is now always visible.

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See also Add essential keyboard shortcuts & navigation

I don’t care what keyboard shortcuts you add in the desktop, but there are a few essentials.

In my opinion, step into it slowly. Focus on the basics first:

  • Something global to open the vault with search box focussed
  • Something to navigate up/down through search results. Arrows/tab/whatever. Just give me something
  • Something to copy the password of the current entry (close the app and return when copying)
  • Focus on cross-platform support day-1. Make the macOS version feel like macOS, make windows feel like windows, make linux feel like linux.
  • Some shortcut reference in-app.
  • Ability to change shortcuts because some of us have to use multiple PW managers. I’m OK if you overlap with other PW managers, power users can change shortcuts.

Bonus items, because these are probably non-trivial. Take your time and get them right.

  • Fill current app.
  • Detect current desktop app, filter vault to just these items.
  • Detect desktop app and fill in user/password (this is probably non-trivial)
  • Single keystroke auto-fill (find the right entry, fill it into the app)

1Password, which my work uses, is actually a fairly reasonable reference.

Love bitwarden, please keep up the good work. I’d rather have a good feature in 1yr than 20 half-baked features in 6 months.



I’m migrating from KeePass to Bitwarden and this is a big annoyance!

I want to be able to hit CTRL+S to sync the database. And use ALT+SHIFT+B (or another shortcut) to open the App from the tray.

Yeah that works but is kinda slow (on my 1 week old machine). I’m now using DisplayFusion to do the same thing where it is instant.

Regardless, it should be part of the app and configurable in the settings.

Thanks though!

The last few messages in this thread brought to my attention that this forum thread is only tagged with “desktop”. I (and many others) contributed with the browser extension in mind and compared Bitwarden to others such as Lastpass and 1Password, which have functional keyboard navigation shortcuts.

I think it’s important to note that all of the suggestions in this thread should apply to BOTH the browser and desktop versions…they both need functional and (where possible) consistent keyboard navigation options.


Yes, please. We need this. Especially the option to fill in the defalt identity. This does not work now.

Oh, yes please!

I reckon, I am not the only one, who would 100% love and need this:

  • Open a page in my browser
  • Instead of mucking about with the mouse and right-clicking, just open the plugin with Cmd-Shift-Y
  • Search for the items I need and pick them with the arrow keys…
  • … or in case they have the right URL saved, just pick one with the arrow keys right away.

The point being, I don’t have to move my hands from the keyboard to the mouse every single time.

Oh, I had no idea. I only use the extension so my comments were about that!

How can we update the tag?

Browser tag added :sunglasses:

And this is on our radar for sure!

Thanks Trey!

You updated the tag so quickly that by the time I double checked to view the tags, “browser” had already been added and I wondered if i’d made a mistake! :sweat_smile: Thanks!

Is there any idea of an ETA at this stage?


Didn’t mean to make you second guess it! I wish I had a timeline but not quite yet.

No worries, thanks for the update, and the ninja tag edit :joy:

I totally agree here.
The most common shortcuts need to be on the left-hand side of the keyboard.

I see the shortcut CTRL+C wasted for the usual copy, while it should be used to copy the password.
It could still have a different meaning on text-fields. So if a password-entry is selected, it should copy the password and if some text is selected, it should copy the text.

I pretty much love the shortcuts of Keepass,
as they are easy to do with the left-hand.
CTRL+B : Copy username
CTRL+C : Copy password
CTRL+V : Autofill username + password

The last one is not that important to me, because I prefer the control and don’t want my passwords to end up in a plain-text field.

I can understand that people not used to Keepass might prefer different shortcuts. Therefore the only option here would be to be able to configure these to ones personal needs.

Additionally, the tooltip on the “copy password” icon next to the password should imho show the shortcut as well.