Add dates/times to file attachment information

Say I want to store a file securely in Bitwarden (putting aside the serious limitation of them not being exported during vault backups). I create a new vault item (such as a Secure Note) and then attach the file. The file is then listed in the attachment section, such as ‘Sample text file.txt’.

I then subsequently update ‘Sample text file.txt’ on my system, and want to manually upload the newer version to Bitwarden, under the same vault item. I upload the newer version, and the attachment section now lists two identical ‘Sample text file.txt’ files, being identical apart from the filesize which might (or might not) have increased or decreased depending on what I did to the file. At that moment, assuming I want to then delete the older version of ‘Sample text file.txt’, it is not immediately clear which copy of the file is the older one. See attached screenshot.

In the event this field is already sorted by date by Bitwarden, there is no indicator present showing this, or whether that sorting is in ascending or descending order. Either order could be expected from an intuitive perspective. Adding a visible date/time field to the attachment list, alongside the filesize, would help remove this issue.

Of course it could be suggested that a way around this is just to always delete the older file from Bitwarden before uploading the newer one. But while this might seem pedantic, doing it that way is technically placing the user at risk of there being a period, however brief, of the user not having either the newer or the older version of the file securely backed up to their vault, which I would imagine is never best practice from a data security perspective.