Add Custom Fields and TOTP to context menu

I do love the custom field and TOTP capability, and would love to see it made a bit more useful for me. Adding the custom fields and TOTP field to the right click menu would allow me to fill in the security questions or whatever other field I’m seeing on that webpage just by right-click and select the field name.

I very rarely take the time to inspect a page, suss out the name of the field, then put it in my bitwarden vault entry, so custom field autofill isn’t really of use. Instead I create a custom field with a name that makes sense to me and the appropriate value. I just want to be able to grab that info via the context menu and paste it in to whatever field my cursor happens to be in.

Definitely agree about TOTP and I hadn’t thought of custom fields but that’s logical, too, especially for data that you want handy but specifically DO NOT want autofilled.

I’d vote, but I’m out of votes…