Add character count next to generated passphrase

In certain cases pass-phrases are better to use than passwords. However, most websites implement a limit on the number of characters that can be used. With a pass-phrase this turns out to be a guess and check game since there is no character length visible.
It would be nice to have the character length in the bottom right corner as shown below.

I don’t disagree with the suggestion. If this does not get implemented, or while you wait for this to get implemented, you can always use the fact that the average word length in the word list is known to be 7.0 letters. Thus, with the separator character included, you can estimate the approximate character count as 8×N (where N is the number of words). For example, with N=7 words, 8×7 = 56 characters (which is pretty close to the actual value of 58).

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@grb Thanks, thats a cool trick. I rather not do the mental math though :smiley: