Add attachment during creation

Especially with notes even though it is the same on passwords. Currently you have to make your note, save it, then find the note in the list of all your other notes and then hover over it to find the drop down menu and finally you can click attachments.

Simply having the ability to add the attachments within the note or password you are already editing would eliminate 3 annoying steps.

Finally my second request is adding the ability to attach multiple attachments at one time. Having to click each one individually and then click save on each one is pretty tedious.


So, now, If I need to add an attachment to a secure note, first, I need to create a note, then save it and THEN open it and add an attachment. To much work.
It would be great that when creating a new secure note it will be option instantly add an attachment.

I feel this limitation does annoy you when you want to quickly add an attachment like a screenshot of a payment info or a pdf of your new virtual id and you have to go through this extra step to make it work.
This feature would actually allow users to use their 1gb of storage more effectively.

Maybe we could have a separate item type called Attachments to store anything by just clicking the upload/capture button to save attachments instead of having to create an entry for it first.
An advance request related to this is Use mobile phone camera to add a picture as attachment which would be of a great help to save important pictures/documents on the go.

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