Add Android phone for WebAuthn on Microsoft Edge: QR-code only partially visible

When trying to add a new Android phone to be used with WebAuthn I only see part of the QR-code.
I can neither scroll the QR-code, nor resize the window.

OS: Windows 10 / 11 (all up-to-date)
Browser: Microsoft Edge. Neither Google Chrome, nor Vivaldi have this issue.
Languages tested: EN-US, EN-GB & DE-DE

My first idea was that it might be related to display scaling, but it is not. The 2 computers I tried this on are completely different: One is a personal device, the other is from the company I work for.

Any ideas anyone ?

Well that’s a bizarre one, Peter. I assume you have tried pressing CTRL - (Control-dash) to reduce the zoom level?

Can you get a workaround by right-clicking the image and opening it in a new tab, or is that disabled by the website (probable)?

Not sure what else to try - sorry!

Hello David,

thank you for your reply.

I just realized that some vital information is missing in my text shown above :man_facepalming: Sorry.
This is about the Bitwarden extension used inside Microsoft Edge.
So Ctrl- does not have any influence on the window of that Bitwarden extension and a right-click on the QR-code does not do anything.

Ah, I get it now. That’s so strange. Sorry man - I’ve got nothing.

did you ever figure this out? trying to setup the extension in Edge and getting the same problem

I just tried it again and to my surprise the QR code now was fully visible and I finally could add my phone. Why ? No idea why it did not work before or why it does now. Sorry :frowning:

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Hello Killian,
try this: Extension WebAuthn QR Code - #6 by dh024

@dh024: Thanks David!

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