Add an option for PIN to lock : View/Copy password!

  • You can set the timeout period for the Browser extension to be instant ?

    No…no… Absolutely not instant , it is very inconvenient. but View/Copy password (Sensitive information) need be locked to be instant !

Then I found that any “local person” can View/Copy password directly …

Why does it not support secondary verification to want to view/copy password?

I checked all the options and, but at the end I didn’t find an option for this feature.

At this point, LastPass did a perfect job.

  • Expected/fixed behavior:

  1. :unlock: During this period, the password library and features are not locked, and after the browser is closed, Bitwarden will be locked and unlocked with a PIN. (Achieved)

  2. :closed_lock_with_key: But anyone who wants view/copy password needs to verify the PIN or master password any time ! (Not currently implemented)

  • :ribbon: One sentence summary:

    Even if Bitwarden is not locked(:unlock:), but the action of manually obtaining the password (View/Copy) must be locked(:closed_lock_with_key:) at all times!
    That is to say, want to View/Copy password , you must enter a PIN/fingerprint etc. to unlock it before it can be successfully operated.

  • :bulb: Implementation plan:

Changed by default, or Add an ON/OFF option: :white_large_square:/:ballot_box_with_check:
Optional: within 0/5/10/15/30 minutes without this restriction !